Exploring iOS 17.3.1 on the iPhone 12: New Update, New Features

Greetings, iPhone enthusiasts! Welcome back, today we explore the latest update iOS 17.3.1 on the iPhone 12. In this Blog, I’ll provide a comprehensive review of this update, highlighting its new features and discussing whether it’s a beneficial addition to your device. So let’s dive right in!

Update Size and Installation – iOS 17.3.1 on the iPhone 12

Upon installing iOS 17.3.1, users may notice the update’s size, which typically hovers around 300 megabytes. While relatively small in size, this update packs crucial security fixes and bug resolutions. Whether you’re upgrading from iOS 17.3 or an earlier version, it’s essential to stay informed about the changes it introduces to your device.

Storage and Build Number Changes

For users concerned about storage space, it’s worth noting any alterations after the update. In some cases, the available storage may see a slight decrease due to system optimizations. Additionally, users can check the updated build number (21D61) , typically found in the device settings, to confirm the installation of iOS 17.3.1. The one that is notable after an update of iOS 17.3.1, is Modem Firmware remains the same as 4.20.05. So users are not able to see any changes regarding Network and connectivity.

Notable Fixes and Improvements

Battery Issue

We did not see any Battery Drop after an update of iOS 17.3.1 in iPhone 12 series. It seems that they have fixed the Battery Drainage issue after this update.

WhatsApp Bug

This new update of iOS 17.3.1 also fixed bug of WhatsApp Status Mute function also.

iOS 17.3.1 addresses various issues reported by users, including the resolution of text overlapping problems and keyboard glitches. These fixes aim to enhance user experience and streamline functionality, ensuring smoother operation of the device post-update.

Performance Assessment

Following the installation of iOS 17.3.1, users may want to assess their device’s overall performance. This includes evaluating battery life, display quality, and system responsiveness to gauge the impact of the update on day-to-day usage.


In conclusion, iOS 17.3.1 brings a host of improvements and fixes tailored to enhance the iPhone 12 user experience. From addressing common issues to optimizing system performance, this update aims to provide users with a seamless and reliable operating environment. As always, staying up-to-date with the latest software ensures optimal device functionality and security.

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