12th Fail Movie : Highest Rating on IMDb

A Motivating Tale : 12th Fail

Explore the captivating narrative of “12th Fail” and its emergence as a motivational story that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

In the realm of Indian cinema, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 12th Fail has transcended boundaries, capturing the hearts of viewers with its inspiring narrative.

Box Office Triumph: Discover the film’s remarkable box office success, grossing over ₹66 crores worldwide on a budget of ₹20 crores, showcasing its resilience and widespread appeal.

Critical Acclaim and IMDb Rating

Delve into the critical reception and accolades that have elevated 12th Fail to the pinnacle of cinematic excellence.

Audience Approval on IMDb: With an exceptional IMDb rating of 9.2, the film has not only won hearts but has also secured its place among the best-rated movies globally in 2023.

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Rankings and Recognition

Uncover the various lists and rankings where 12th Fail has stood out, solidifying its position as a cinematic gem.

Global Recognition: In 2023, the film outshone competitors globally, securing the highest rating among movies with over 20,000 user votes.

LetterBoxD Long-Term Rankings: Explore how 12th Fail secured its place in the top 10 as the ‘Most Elevated Rated Show’ on LetterBoxD’s long-term audit.

Cinematic Impact Beyond Borders

Witness the global impact of 12th Fail and its resonance with diverse audiences, making it a standout success.

Global Movie Landscape: Among the year’s big releases, 12th Fail surpassed international giants like Oppenheimer and Godzilla Short One, holding its ground in the top 5.

Success Beyond Theatres: OTT Release

Understand the film’s extraordinary response on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, showcasing its enduring popularity beyond traditional cinema.

OTT Triumph: As the film continues its successful theatrical run, the OTT release garnered an astonishing response, underlining its universal appeal.

Realism and Resilience: Drawing from True Stories

Explore how 12th Fail, based on a true story, draws inspiration from the struggles of UPSC aspirants, encouraging resilience and a positive outlook.

UPSC Journey: The film’s narrative mirrors the challenges faced by numerous students attempting the UPSC placement test, resonating with a wider audience.

Inspirational Message: 12th Fail serves as a beacon of hope, urging individuals not to lose heart in the face of failure but to restart with determination.

The film earned ₹66.5 crore globally in its 52-day theatrical run. The makers of the film said that it had earned ₹50.68 crore in net box office collections as of November 29, 2023. 

DayBox Office Collection (Crore nett) – Trade FigureBox Office Collection (Crore nett) – Producer Figure
Day 11.11.1
Day 22.12.5
Day 32.53.1
Day 40.91.5
Day 50.851.65
Day 60.81.85
Day 70.81.3
Day 81.551.75
Day 92.253.4
Day 1023.3
Day 1111.31
Day 1211.4
Day 130.951.45
Day 140.91.5
Day 150.6
Day 161.2
Day 170.45
Day 181.65
Day 191.55
Day 201.4
Day 211
Day 220.85
Day 231.5
Day 240.5
Day 250.5
Day 260.45
Day 270.45
Day 280.4
Day 290.5
Day 301.5
Day 311.65
Day 320.8
Day 330.45
Day 340.4
Week 335.48.54
Day 350.46.8
Box office collection Day-wise of 12th Fail Movie

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Let’s address some common queries about Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 12th Fail.

What is the IMDb rating of 12th Fail?

The film boasts an impressive IMDb rating of 9.2, reflecting its widespread acclaim.

How did 12th Fail perform at the box office?

Earning over ₹66 crores globally on a ₹20 crore budget, the film stands as a significant box office success.

Did 12th Fail receive recognition on LetterBoxD?

Yes, the film secured a position in the top 10 on LetterBoxD’s ‘Most Elevated Rated Show’ long-term audit.

What is the central theme of 12th Fail?

The film draws from the struggles of UPSC aspirants, delivering a powerful message of resilience and determination.

How did 12th Fail fare against other global releases in 2023?

It surpassed international giants like Oppenheimer and Godzilla Short One, securing its spot in the top 5.

What is the significance of 12th Fail’s OTT release?

The film’s OTT release received an astonishing response, emphasizing its universal appeal beyond traditional cinemas.

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