Exclusive Best Offer Alert: Apple iPhone 15 Price Drop on Amazon!

Good news for iPhone lovers because of Apple iPhone 15 price drop. In a surprising turn of events, the premium Apple iPhone 15, launched just a few months ago, has undergone a significant price drop on Amazon, making it available for less than ₹75,000 on the popular e-commerce platform.

Apple iPhone 15 Price Drop

Originally introduced at ₹79,990 during Apple’s Wonderlust event on September 12, the iPhone 15 now carries a discounted price tag of ₹74,990 on Amazon, and savvy shoppers can further enjoy reductions through bank discounts. Amazon Pay ICICI bank card users, for example, can benefit from an additional 5% cashback of ₹3,745, bringing the effective price down to an enticing ₹71,245.

Exploring the iPhone 15 Features:

The iPhone 15 introduces the groundbreaking Dynamic Island technology, a departure from the conventional notch seen on the iPhone 14 Pro and older models. This innovative feature enhances the user experience, providing a more intuitive way to interact with the iPhone


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Display Brilliance:

While maintaining a consistent 6.1-inch display size, Apple has elevated the iPhone 15’s brightness to an impressive 2000 nits, doubling the capability of the previous generation. This enhancement ensures a vivid and sharp visual experience that sets a new standard for premium smartphones.

Enhanced Camera System:

The iPhone 15’s camera system is a standout feature, featuring a 48MP primary camera with a quad-pixel sensor and 100 percent Focus Pixels for swift autofocus. The incorporation of a 24MP super-high-resolution default setting guarantees detailed and sharp images, all while optimizing image size efficiency.

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Photography Capabilities:

Users can leverage the 2x Telephoto lens on the iPhone 15 to capture photos at 0.5x, 1x, and 2x zoom levels, offering versatility in photography. The device also introduces a new Smart HDR system and a convenient feature automating Portrait photo capture, eliminating the need for manual mode switching.

A16 Bionic SoC Powerhouse:

Powering the iPhone 15 is the cutting-edge A16 Bionic SoC, equipped with two high-performance cores that boast a commendable 20 percent reduction in power consumption. Complementing this is a 6-core CPU, delivering enhanced performance and efficiency for a seamless user experience.

Impressive Neural Engine:

Apple’s 16-core Neural Engine, integrated into the A16 Bionic chip, is a technological marvel, capable of handling nearly 17 trillion operations per second. This feature ensures the iPhone 15 excels in handling AI-powered tasks and complex computations, setting it apart in terms of processing power.

With its recent price drop on Amazon, the Apple iPhone 15 becomes an even more attractive choice for tech enthusiasts. Boasting innovative features, an enhanced camera system, and powerful hardware, the iPhone 15 continues to redefine the smartphone landscape. Take advantage of this exclusive offer and experience the pinnacle of premium smartphone technology at an unbeatable price.

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