iOS 17.4 Beta 1- Exciting features

Greetings, Apple enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a groundbreaking update – iOS 17.4 Beta 1 which is just after a recent update of iOS 17.3. In this blog post, we will delve into the extensive features that Apple has packed into this remarkable update, providing insights into what makes it truly noteworthy.

Unveiling iOS 17.4 Beta 1

This update is not just another routine patch; it’s a substantial overhaul. The entire iOS system has been reinstalled, promising a fresh experience. If you’re a Beta participant, rejoice – this update is heading your way. No need to fret about a hefty 6.25 GB download; Apple ensures a smoother process.

Technical Insights

Before we dive into the exciting features, let’s glance at some technical details. The available free space , iOS version, Build number, and Modem firmware details have undergone changes. Notably, the modem firmware now stands at 2.50.00, addressing network-related issues.

ParticularsBefore an updateAfter an update
Available Free Space950.88 GB936.53 GB
iOS Version17.3 (Stable)17.4
Build Number21D5021E5184i
Modem Firmware2.
iOS 17.4 Beta update

Noteworthy Features

1. New Emojis

iOS 17.4 Beta – Emojis

iOS 17.4 Beta 1 introduces a set of expressive emojis. From nodding heads to cut lemons and flying birds, Apple adds a playful touch to messaging.

2. Side Loading for European Union

A significant stride for the European Union – the ability to side-load applications. While this feature may raise security concerns, Apple assures users with built-in protections against potential threats.

3. Alternate In-App Payment Methods

In-app payments get a makeover with the introduction of alternate payment methods. Say goodbye to the obligatory 30% charge as Apple embraces flexibility in payment options.

4. Contactless and NFC Payment

iOS 17.4 Beta – Contactless & NFC

European Union users receive the gift of contactless and NFC payments. This functionality, long awaited, could potentially expand to other regions, promising enhanced convenience.

5. Stolen Device Protection Upgrade

iOS 17.4 Beta – Stolen Device Protection Upgrade

Enhancements in stolen device protection include additional security features. Familiar locations allow instant deactivation of protection, providing more control over device security.

Multimedia and Entertainment

Beyond the technicalities, iOS 17.4 Beta 1 brings notable improvements to multimedia and entertainment apps:

  • Enhanced Apple Music with a revamped home tab.
  • Siri and search now support additional languages for reading messages.
  • Podcast enthusiasts can now follow English podcasts with transcriptions.

Apple CarPlay Evolution

CarPlay enthusiasts can anticipate custom buttons, vehicle-to-vehicle changes, and extended functionalities in specific vehicles. The introduction of goodbye screens adds a touch of finesse to the driving experience.

Wired Audio Update

For those with iPhones sporting USB Type-C, an update caters to wired Type-C earpods and 3.5mm to Type-C converters, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Performance and Compatibility

Beta versions often raise concerns about performance and compatibility. Preliminary assessments suggest a stable performance, with GPU and CPU scores remaining consistent.

Known Issues and Conclusion

iOS 17.4 Beta 1 is not without its quirks, as indicated by known issues in the feedback app. However, Apple’s commitment to resolving these concerns assures users of a refined experience in the stable version release.

Should You Update?

The golden question – should you update to iOS 17.4 Beta 1? If you’re a seasoned Beta user and can navigate potential hiccups, go ahead. For others, sticking to the stable version might be the wiser choice.

In Closing

As we await the stable release of iOS 17.4, the Beta 1 version provides a glimpse into the exciting future of iPhone functionalities. Stay tuned for further updates, and let’s continue to explore the ever-evolving world of Apple technology together.

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FAQs – iOS 17.4 Beta

  1. Is iOS 17.4 Beta 1 a stable version, or are there any issues?
    • iOS 17.4 Beta 1 is a beta version, and it may have some issues as it is still in the testing phase. Users should be aware of potential bugs and glitches.
  2. What are the key features introduced in iOS 17.4 Beta 1?
    • Some notable features include new emojis, side-loading of applications (specifically for European Union countries), alternate in-app payment methods, contactless and NFC payment options, and improvements in stolen device protection.
  3. Should I update to iOS 17.4 Beta 1 if I am not already using a beta version?
    • It is advisable for users who are not accustomed to beta versions to stick to the stable release. Beta versions may have some issues, and updating depends on the user’s comfort with potential disruptions.
  4. How does the new stolen device protection feature work in iOS 17.4 Beta 1?
    • The stolen device protection feature now includes additional options. Users can deactivate the security delay instantly in familiar locations, providing more control over the device’s security.
  5. Are there any changes in multimedia and entertainment apps with this update?
    • Yes, iOS 17.4 Beta 1 brings enhancements to Apple Music, Siri and search supporting additional languages for reading messages, and transcriptions for English podcasts in Apple Podcasts.
  6. What can users expect in terms of CarPlay improvements?
    • CarPlay enthusiasts will experience custom buttons, vehicle-to-vehicle changes, extended functionalities in specific vehicles, and a polished user experience with hello and goodbye screens.
  7. Is there any update for wired audio accessories in iOS 17.4 Beta 1?
    • Users with iPhones featuring USB Type-C can expect an update for wired Type-C earpods and 3.5mm to Type-C converters, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  8. How is the performance of iOS 17.4 Beta 1?
    • Preliminary assessments suggest stable performance, with consistent GPU and CPU scores. However, being a beta version, some minor issues may be present.
  9. What are the known issues mentioned in the feedback app?
    • Known issues include errors in installing certain elements, issues related to home kits, maps, and podcasts. These issues are expected to be addressed in the final stable release.
  10. When can users expect the stable release of iOS 17.4?
    • The stable release of iOS 17.4 is anticipated by the end of February or early March. Beta versions will undergo several updates before the final version is released.

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