iOS 17.4 Beta 1 Re-Release: What’s Exciting in the Update?

In the latest development from Apple, the tech giant has rolled out the iOS 17.4 Beta 1 re-release alongside the 17.4 Public Beta 1. In this article, we’ll delve into the noteworthy changes and updates introduced in this version.

What’s Under the Hood? – iOS 17.4 Beta 1 Re-Release

Firstly, let’s discuss the essential details. The update boasts a new build number, and the overall size registers at 431.5 MB. Notably, this release isn’t confined to iOS alone; it extends to Watch OS 10.4 Beta 1 and Mac OS 14.4 Beta 1 as well.

Update OverviewiOS 17.4 Beta 1 re-release and 17.4 Public Beta 1 bring a new build number and various changes.
Build Number UpdateBuild number is now 21E5184K, with a modem update in the 15 Pro and Pro Max devices.
Web BrowsersNon-US users get a prominent splash screen to choose their default web browser.
Live Activity FeatureClock app introduces a new live activity for stopwatch management.
HomeOS in tvOSReferences to “HomeOS” in tvOS 17.4 code suggest potential advancements in smart home control.
Messages and WalletMessages receive a new splash screen for business interactions; Wallet app now supports Apple Card with Safari autofill.
Emoji and Podcast UpdatesNew emojis include a phoenix and lime mushroom; Podcasts app introduces transcripts for enhanced user experience.
Bug Fixes and PerformanceBug fixes address notification and region identification issues; mixed user reviews on battery life and performance.
Anticipated ReleaseiOS 17.4 Beta 2 release date uncertain, potential release on the 6th or 7th of the upcoming month.
Final ThoughtsApple’s commitment to refining user experience evident in browser choices, app updates, and performance tweaks.
iOS 17.4 re-release

Build Number Update

Navigating through the settings, specifically in General, reveals the updated build number: 21E5184K. This update also brings a new modem version, particularly noticeable in the 15 Pro and Pro Max, where the previous version was 1.54.00, now upgraded to 1.54.01.

Noteworthy Changes

iOS 17.4 (21E5184K)

With iOS 17.4, Apple has addressed various aspects, and one of the standout features is related to web browsers. Users in the European Union can now enjoy the ability to use side-loading, NFC payments, and other changes. The significant tweak, however, involves the default web browser, offering users a more visible option to select their preferred browser, a move reminiscent of similar choices in the European Union.

Browser Options Expanded

iOS 17.4 – Default Web Browser

Upon entering Safari, users outside the United States are prompted with a splash screen, providing information about changing their default web browser. This interface lists major browsers such as Brave, DuckDuckGo, Opera, Firefox, and more, allowing users to set their preferred default browser.

Live Activity Update

A subtle but noteworthy addition in Beta 1 is a new live activity feature within the Clock app. Specifically, users can find it in the Stopwatch section, allowing for easier management of stopwatch activities.

Hints of HomeOS in tvOS

Interestingly, references to “HomeOS” have surfaced in tvOS 17.4 code, hinting at a potential new system to control smart homes. This speculation adds an intriguing layer to Apple’s ecosystem, suggesting advancements beyond the existing Home app.

Messages and Wallet Enhancements

The update brings a fresh splash screen to Messages, primarily targeted at businesses. Users are informed about receiving updates from trusted businesses, introducing a layer of transparency in communications. Additionally, the Wallet app now allows the use of the Apple Card with Safari autofill, offering greater flexibility in virtual card usage.

Diving into New Emoji and Podcast Features

iOS 17.4 Emojis

Emojis get a refresh in iOS 17.4, introducing new additions like a phoenix, a lime mushroom, various family icons, and more. Furthermore, the Podcasts app now supports transcripts, enhancing user experience by allowing searches within podcast content.

Bug Fixes and Performance Insights

As with any update, bug fixes are crucial. Notable fixes include addressing the notification bug and improved region identification. Users can now expect accurate location details under General and About settings.

In terms of performance, the update seems responsive and cool, with minor adjustments in animation speeds noted. While some users report exceptional battery life, others mention room for improvement. This aspect may vary and requires further observation to gauge the overall impact.

Looking Ahead

For those contemplating the update, whether on the developer beta or considering the public beta, the decision depends on your risk tolerance and backup readiness. The stability of the public beta suggests it’s worth a try, but caution is advised.

What’s on the Horizon?

Anticipating iOS 17.4 Beta 2, the release timeline remains uncertain. Apple’s strategy for rapid updates or a more measured approach hinges on compliance deadlines, potentially leading to a release on the 6th or 7th of the upcoming month.

Final Thoughts

With iOS 17.4 Beta 1 re-release, Apple continues its commitment to refining user experience. From enhanced browser choices to subtle app updates and performance tweaks, the update offers a glimpse into Apple’s dedication to continuous improvement. As the tech world awaits further developments, users can explore the new features and functionalities this update brings to their Apple devices.

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