iOS 17.4 News : HUGE Changes! – Apple Podcasts Transcripts, Sideloading, Best Cloud Gaming

iOS 17.4 News :- In the ever-evolving landscape of iOS updates, the recent release of the first developer beta for iOS 17.4 has sent shockwaves across the tech community. This substantial update promises a plethora of groundbreaking features, from native transcript support in Apple Podcasts to significant changes in the App Store, stolen device protection, and even the introduction of new emojis. Join us as we dissect the key highlights of iOS 17.4, ushering in a new era for Apple users.

iOS 17.4 News – What’s New ?

Apple Podcasts Evolution: Native Transcript Support

One of the headline features of iOS 17.4 is the revolutionary change in Apple Podcasts. Native transcript support is set to transform the podcasting experience. Apple not only offers automated transcription but also allows podcasters to upload transcripts from their hosting providers seamlessly. This means more accessibility and insights for users who can delve deeper into podcast content effortlessly.

Stolen Device Protection Reinvented

Stolen Device Protection

iOS 17.4 brings a refined approach to Stolen Device Protection. Navigating to the Settings app and accessing Face ID and Passcode reveals the enhanced settings. A notable addition is the option to always require biometric authentication, irrespective of familiar locations. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that Face ID or Touch ID is mandatory for altering settings, accompanied by a 60-minute delay for disabling stolen device protection.

Embracing New Emojis

ios 17.4 - Emojis
ios 17.4 – Emojis

Adding a touch of whimsy to iOS 17.4, Apple introduces a set of new emojis. Among them are two faces, a lime, a mushroom, a broken chain, and what appears to be a firebird. These expressive icons contribute to a more vibrant and engaging communication experience. Users can explore these emojis, each with its unique charm, adding flair to their messages and conversations.

EU-Centric App Store Overhaul

For the first time, the European Union (EU) witnesses substantial changes in the App Store dynamics with iOS 17.4. Apple introduces the allowance of different browser engines, providing users with varied choices. Even if Chrome or Microsoft Edge is used, the EU will experience a shift from the uniform WebKit engine, potentially altering the browsing experience. Additionally, alternative app stores are set to emerge in the EU, accompanied by a reduced commission structure, signifying a significant departure from the traditional App Store model.

Moreover, users in the EU will now see a new option to select a default browser when they open Safari.

Sideloading Takes Center Stage

One of the most groundbreaking developments in iOS 17.4 is the introduction of sideloading, but with a twist—it’s exclusive to the European Union. Users in the EU will now have the ability to download apps directly from websites or alternative marketplaces, bypassing the App Store. This shift brings a new level of flexibility and choice for EU consumers, although Apple emphasizes the need for iOS notarization even for apps obtained through alternative channels.

Global Access to Cloud Gaming Apps

In a move that transcends geographical boundaries, iOS 17.4 marks the first time that Apple allows native game streaming apps on the App Store globally. This means platforms like X-Cloud gaming, which previously required a web browser workaround, can now offer a seamless experience through native iOS apps. Users worldwide can anticipate an enhanced gaming experience directly from the App Store.


As we anticipate the public release of iOS 17.4, the landscape of Apple’s ecosystem is undergoing a transformative shift. Native transcript support, heightened stolen device protection, vibrant new emojis, and the EU-centric App Store overhaul showcase Apple’s commitment to innovation. The introduction of sideloading in the EU and global access to cloud gaming apps further exemplifies Apple’s responsiveness to user demands. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as iOS 17.4 continues to unfold its myriad features.

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